mardi, mai 16, 2006

86. If parents or other persons want have their portrait.

What I allow to do with my photos of defilee or popular feasts :
- Each person of a school or an association who appears on one of my photo-blogs can print one photo of each photo where he/she appears for his personal paper-album (I do not allow publication on other web-sites or blogs).
- Each parent of a child whose portrait appears here and each child can print two photos :
a) One for his personal paper-album
b) One for the paper-photoalbum of the child.
No publication on other web-sites and blogs.
- The schools and associations cannot print my photos for their benefit or benefit of the teachers.
- Modifications of my photos are not allowed (Convention of Bern about the intellectual and artistic property).
- convention of Bern : A person cannot make benefit of the artistic work of another.
- I allow the townships and associations of the towns pictured on my blogs to make one print of each photo for their archives. Specify then in the Archives my artist name, my really name if known (the most of them know it) and the blog where you found the photo.
- I do not allow the publication in newspapers, reviews, books or school-books.
- All photos which appear here are work of Perle de Rosée (artist name, french : pseudonyme) , except those where my portrait appears are then by Paul.
Perle de Rosée.